Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh Me Oh My

Well here i am for all the world to see,
  Here I wear no mask and I hold no lies
   Here I am honest and true to only you few
     would you accept me as i shall accept you?

My Name is Tena. which is short of Utena. if you know where that name comes form i shall give you a virtual cookie. I am a normal average college student with a job and trying to make in this judgmental and horrible place we call the earth. The earth holds many beauties but can also hold many things that are painful and hard. I like most people am just a person who has the normal struggles that everyone has to go through. things such as: Grief, Heartache, Betrayal, the Lose of Loved Ones and many other things.

I have come to realize that i tend to bottle up tons of my emotions and i often times to not share them with others. this is a good way for my friends to know what is going on with me and how i am doing on the inside. as i said earlier in here i wear no mask and i hold no lies.

basic low down of my life, My mother passed about a year ago, i live with my father and my little sister, i have a few good friends of whom i love and adore. without my close friends and my family i do not believe i would be the way i am today. i believe that without them i would be in a dark pit of nothingness.

i also believe that life is not life without heartache and challeneges. this results in things such as losing friends, betrayal and heartache to and extreme. but through such trials we become stronger and better of a person.

please enjoy your journey through my melancholy of a life and welcome to my world.

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